What is BannerBit ?

The platform had been specifically designed so any person will be able to get involved in the worldwide marketing industry and manage to make a living out of this. Now is the time to get involved and try this unique online system. Give it a try and see with your own eyes the great potential of the BannerBit platform.

BannerBit is the first platform designed for ad flipping. This means any user is able to purchase, profit and then sell banner ads on the platform in order to generate income.

Big consumer brands like Adidas, Nike, McDonalds, Mercedes, Toyota and much more can be found on BannerBit's marketplace, and users are able to browse through hundreds of ad placements. After buying an ad on the platform, it will run on a network of publisher websites, reaching a huge number of ad impressions and worldwide users.

As the owner of the ad, a user is able to receive instant income with every click the ad generates. Another great feature of the BannerBit platform is the ability to sell an ad after purchase or even short sell an ad that they did not even owe.

Each user is able to put the already-purchased ads on the BannerBit marketplace and reach thousands of members that are willing to buy them.

Taking short positions on ads means that each customer is able to anticipate and speculate on a future drop in price. With this unique advances feature, the user can profit even if the ad price goes down.

A unique and profitable online passive income opportunity in now available through the BannerBit platform. With so many people excited to learn more about what is BannerBit, you must start right away and see how anyone can generate extra income from the comfort of their home without any prior experience, by simply flipping ads.

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